Deepak Gautam

Deepak Gautam
Story Title : DEEPAK GAUTAM-45yrs-kidney transplant-e-coli present more than 1 lakh when come
Patient Age : 45 years old
Date : 29-05-2017

I deepak gautam residing at Baraut  as i was sick from the childhood but after 14-15 years it was some good. In 1995 in the month of April or May i lost appetite the dr advised to check in blood test found Hb was less and blood urea and s creatinine were increased.

Than i went to nephrologist after checking  he advised my kidney is damaged and require transplant though that time my urine was passing my blood pressure was normal my sugar level was normal. After one year the kidney was transplanted as my mother donated kidney to me.

After that transplant i was always checking my reports and never come abnormal but last year found pus cells in urine so i went to check urine culture in that found E-coli bacteria the dr given so many antibiotics but it never less and at last reaches to  more than 1 lac bacteria of E coli . During that time one of my friend advised me to go to Dr Raj kumar kochar in Bikaner i took appointment and came here on 14.5.2017 i shown my reports the dr again made some reports of blood urine and usg abdomen. On 15th he started medicine Dr thanki Tum Can Capsule and the report will come on 17 may than i will right more. As i was said by my nephrologist that it can be removed only it can be maintained.

In usg abdomen cyst was found i went to a dr b lal in bikaner and started medicine from them for cyst.