Deep Chand

Deep Chand
Story Title : DEEP CHAND-43 Years- Chronical Eczema ( Skin Eczema)....
Patient Age : 43 years old
Date : 31-07-2016




I Deep Chand S/o. Shri Hansraj, Village- Shivpuri, District- Haridwar, Writing this review of my Skin disease.

Patient Review:-

Around six years back it started itching in my hand and gradually the skin become hard.

I went to so many Dr. of a different path, I did not get relief.

On 6th April I came with my known person to VISHLA AGRO TECH PVT. LTD. BIKANER. The Doctor examine properly and said that the Doctor who Treated you were given medicine for Skin Psoriasis but you don’t have skin psoriasis.

It is simple skin Eczema and asked me to come back again after 1 month today on 12-06-2015, I came to VISHLA AGRO TECH PVT. LTD. BIKANER. During this two month, I stopped all medicine and taken only medicine advised by Doctor Of VISHLA AGRO TECH PVT. LTD. BIKANER.

Now I am getting too much relief in my problem now my itching in hand has vanished and the skin becomes filling with new and soft skin. No there is no cut or and sore on the skin. Only after taking medicine for 2 months, I felt too much good. He has again given me medicine for 2 months and said if you feel any problem then only come to us or be Enjoy your Life.


Deep Chand


Note:-  He did not come back because over the phone he said he is get rid of skin Eczema.