Bhuvnesh Kumar Sharma

Bhuvnesh Kumar Sharma
Story Title : BHUVNESH KUMAR SHARMA -50Yrs(Cortical Echotexture of Both Kidneys Increasde- BIlateral Medical Renal Disease- Diabetic NIIDM)
Patient Age : 50 years old
Date : 16-08-2014





Patient Review:-

I am Bhuvnesh Kumar Sharma s/o Babu ram Sharma from Delhi. I have diabetes since last 6 years. After given doctor medicine sugar level was come under control. 1 year ago my son “Gorav Sharma “age 15 years had dengue fever and because of dengue were quite rampant and cause unsatisfactory situation. I have 1 son and two daughters without these people no any relative in my family. Somehow my son was treated by doctor’s of “Guru Teg Bahadur hospital, Delhi and free my son from dengue. After this my life has been going normal. I am worked in “Siddharth Hotel in Delhi. I have small family and income is limited and we are living peaceful our life. After sometimes suddenly one day in the night almost at 4 am I have a doubt of urination so I went to toilette and after urination my body was filled with sweat. Then I remembered that I did not take medicine of B.P. so I taken medicine and go back to the bad for sleep.

Next day early in the morning at 8 am we went to “Guru Teg Bahadur Hospital. There doctors checked me and after check-up my B.P. level was 224/104. Then doctors gave me an injection and tested my E.C.G. and after this they gave me another injection and while B.P. level came 170/80 they discharged me and we came back to home. After 2 days we contacted to doctor “Vikas Jain”. He tested again my all reports and gave me medicine for 5 days and called me after 5 days. in the reports he found out that my uric acid, urea  and critinine were on high level. So he advised me for go to a kidney specialist doctor. Then I met to kidney specialist doctor P.Agarwal and he said that in this condition of your kidney may be go for dialysis. Then I went to AIIMS hospital and there doctor told me that” there is no any medicine for kidney in allopathic so Only by Dialysis life can be extended for some time which is quite expensive and the entire family to suffer in city like Delhi. So I was not allowed to Dialysis.

During these period I got information about “Vishla Agrotech (P) Ltd. Bikaner” from vinod jain who related with my laws. Although Mr. Vinod also a kidney patient and have been through from dialysis process and now without dialysis his life going normal only by medicine. So we went to Bikaner on 05.08.2014 and met to doctor “Raj Kumar Kochar” at their office. So doctor told me that “you have to take this medicine for 2 days and after go for check-up. The medicines were like below which given by doctor of “Vishla Agrotech (P) Ltd. :-

  1. For Control Uric Acid: - Tab. Zyloric-300mg. (Take this every noon at 3 pm.)

In sonography reports kidney’s size was normal but walls were found to deform so doctor advised me for come after 45 days. In my check comes in Delhi was increased potassium then Revlomer-400mg were advised to take three tablets daily by doctors But today is the third day and I not have a single tabulate of Revlomer-400mg. and I have no complaints of vomiting or live worry. And Potassium level was under control in blood report.

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