Baby Agarwal

Baby Agarwal
Story Title : BABY AGARWAL-21 Yrs-Bicornuate uterus
Patient Age : 21 years old
Date : 22-07-2017

 Patient Reviews:

This is a challenge case referred by one of the astrologer of Bikaner i consulted so many Dr but they all told me that it is impossible to be cure Bi coronuate uterus by any means the uterus must be removed the father of this girl came to me and was very upset as he had only two daughters this is a elder one. I Thought it a challenge for me i accepted consider our medicine Dr thanki kidney care capsule can make a new renal system so it may work i started medicine with a hope and remember god to help me to cure this baby. GOD IS GREAT. He listen my appeal and the result was miraculous now she is fine. I saw and  search this was the first case in the world which cured.



Baby Agarwal              Age:- 21 Years             Add:-NCR,Del


Treatment Given:-



Dr. Thanki’s Leucoria care powder ¾ tsp with fresh water

Dr. Thanki’s Blood Purifier Capsule 1 with fresh water

Chandraprabha Bati 2 with white butter





Ø  Dr. Thanki’s leucoria care powder ¾ tsp with fresh water

Ø  Dr. Thanki’s Kidney care  2 capsules with Anupaan

Ø Chandraprabha vati 2  tablets with white butter

Ø  Alkasol syrup 2 tsp with 4 tsp water


Patient Review:-

               I am Baby Agarwal, 21 years old, and a resident of Delhi NCR. I started having  menses since the age of 13.  And not a single period has passed without giving me pain. I’ve always had extreme pain during the first 3 days of every period. Earlier the pain was only in the lower abdomen, but since the past 5 years my lower back started paining too. Besides, I had a heavier flow than most girls perhaps. I never thought that my case was unusual although none of my friends suffered through their menses like I did. I just thought that maybe it’s just normal. I took homeopathic drops for reducing the pain in my back. They worked only temporarily and my problem remained as it is. And then, as luck would have had it, Somebody advised my father, who was on a trip to Bikaner to go consult Vishla Agrotech Pvt Limited.My father went and met the doctor there, who asked my father to get certain blood tests and sonography done immediately. All this while, I was in Delhi. So the doctor never really met me. I immediately went and got the tests done and emailed them to the doctor. And then, the doctor brought to our notice that my case wasn’t in fact that usual. I was diagnosed with Bicornuate Uterus or a Heart shaped uterus along with Leucorrhea. Fewer than one in 10000 women have this anomaly.


               After the diagnosis, I was asked to get a urine test done as well. The doctor prescribed the following course of medicines to be taken for one year.


Ø   Dr. Thanki’s Leucoria care powder ¾ tsp with fresh water

Ø  Dr. Thanki’s Kidney Care  2 capsules with Anupaan

Ø  Tab Evion  400  1

Ø  Tab zyloric 100 mg  1

Ø   Chandraprabha vati 2 tablets with White butter




Dr. Thanki’s Leucoria care powder ¾ tsp with fresh water

Dr. Thanki’s Blood Purifier Capsule 1 with fresh water

Chandraprabha Bati 2 with white butter






Ø  Dr. Thanki’s leucoria care powder ¾ tsp with fresh water

Ø  Dr. Thanki’s Kidney care  2 capsules with Anupaan

Ø Chandraprabha vati 2  tablets with white butter

ØAlkasol syrup 2 tsp with 4 tsp water

               Note: when I was asked about Meaning of Anupan the Dr explained me that when a ayurvedic medicine is advised to take with a product like honey or butter or hot water or Luke warm water etc. they are working as catalyst to improve the result of that medicine.

For Dr Thanki’s Kidney care care capsule the mixture of the below mentioned Arq of herbs:

Arq Punarnava         50%

Arq Kasni                 25%

Arq Makoy               25%

                 I was also asked to wash my vagina with Dr. Thanki’s Leucoria care powder at least 2-3 times a day in the prescribed way. Apart from these medicines I was asked to drink 2 glasses of Cranberry juice everyday and some restrictions were placed on my eating habits. For instance, Junk food, fried food and Ice-creams were completely banned for me. Among vegetables, I was asked not to eat cabbage and cauliflower. On the other hand, because I was anemic, I was asked to eat one beetroot in salad every day. Also, since yogurt is cold and soothing, I was advised to take one serving of yogurt with my lunch. Also, I’m not allowed to drink Tea.


               During my menses, I was asked to take 1 tsp of Dr. Thanki’s Pilex Powder three times a day for the first three days. And after the menses were over, I was asked to take Tab Pyridium at night for 5 days during those 5 days I was instructed not to take Syp Alkasol.


               I started with my course on 24th of march, 2014. After two weeks I had my period. I could notice the difference immediately. The blood flow was reduced by around 15%. By the next cycle, It was further reduced. The pain was also less in these two cycles. There was No bloating, No PMS symptoms. Usually, my face became pale during menses, But thanks to the medicines and the healthy food habits, My face looked normal.  


               After almost 7 weeks of taking the course, The Doctor asked me to get sonography done one more time. I had little hope of any major improvement as I hadn’t read about any case of Bicornuate uterus in the world on the internet that was cured before. But, I was surprised to see that my reports came out absolutely normal! My Bicornuate uterus had become a normal, healthy uterus!

               Thank god still in this modern age where medical science has just option to remove uterus the old Ayurveda has medicine to cure.

               Secondly I even did not believe that the Dr given me medicine without seeing me personally.

               I am glad with my family members also because I get rid of a crucial disease.

               Believe on Ayurveda and get cure!

Review In Hindi

               à¤®à¥‡à¤°à¤¾ नाम बेबी अग्रवाल है. मेरी उम्र 21 वर्ष है और मैं दिल्ली एन.सी.आर की रहने वाली हूँ. मेरे 13 साल की उम्र में ही मासिक धर्म की प्रक्रिया शुरू हो गयी थी और इस दौरान एक भी महिना ऐसा नही गुजरा जिसमे मुझे दर्द ना हुआ हो यानि की मासिक अवधि शुरू होने के प्रथम 3 दिन मुझे अत्यधिक दर्द होता था. शुरू-शुरू में तो ये दर्द पेट के निचले हिस्से में होता था परन्तु पिछले 5 वर्षो से ये दर्द पीठ के निचले हिस्से में भी शुरू हो गया. ये शायद वो दर्द था जो शायद कुछ ही लडकियों में होता था.

               à¤®à¥ˆà¤‚ने कभी सोचा की मेरी ये बीमारी असामान्य है मेने सोचा की ये सब आम है. फिर मैंने अपने दर्द से छुटकारा पाने हेतु होमियोपेथी की दवाइयां ली और ये दवाइयां अस्थिर थी, मेरा मतलब लेने के दौरान दर्द नही होता था मगर बंद करने पर वापस शुरू हो जाता था.

               à¤«à¤¿à¤° एक दिन मेरे भाग्य ने मेरा साथ दिया और किसी ने मेरे पिताजी को बीकानेर में स्तिथ “विशला एग्रोटेक प्राइवेट लिमिटेड” के बारे में बताया और वहां जाके इलाज करवाने को कहा. फिर मेरे पिताजी बीकानेर गये और वहां के डॉक्टर से मिले. डॉक्टर ने सोनोग्राफी व् कुछ ब्लड टेस्ट(खून की जाँच) करवाने को कहा. लेकिन उस वक़्त में दिल्ली में थी और डॉक्टर मुझसे मिले भी नही थे इसलिए उन्होंने फ़ोन करके मुझे जांचे करवाने को कहा और मैंने तुरंत दिल्ली मैं सारी जरुरी जांचे करवाई और डॉक्टर को ई-मेल के द्वारा भेज दी.

               à¤®à¥‡à¤°à¥€ सारी जांचे देखके डॉक्टर ने कहा की मेरी बीमारी कोई सामान्य बीमारी नही थी उन्होंने बताया की मेरे गर्भाशय का आकार दिल की तरह है और इसका मुंह पूरी तरह खुल चूका है और ये बीमारी लगभग प्रति 10000 महिलाओ में से किसी एक को होती है.

               à¤¸à¤­à¥€ जांचो के बाद मेरा यूरिन टेस्ट हुआ और डॉक्टर ने मुझे निचे लिखी दवाइयां दी जो की मेने 1 साल तक ली थी.:-

सुबह को:-

डॉ.थानकी ल्यूकोरिया केयर पाउडर :- ¾ चम्मच पाउडर साफ़ पानी के साथ.

डॉ.थानकी किडनी केयर कैप्सूल:- 2 कैप्सूल अनुपान के साथ.

Evion-400mg टेबलेट:- 1 टेबलेट.

Zyloric-100mg टेबलेट:- 1 टेबलेट.

चन्द्र प्रभावटी टेबलेट:- 2 टेबलेट सफ़ेद मक्खन के साथ.

दोपहर को:-

डॉ.थानकी ल्यूकोरिया केयर पाउडर :- ¾ चम्मच पाउडर साफ़ पानी के साथ.

डॉ.थानकी किडनी केयर कैप्सूल:- 2 कैप्सूल रोज अनुपान के साथ.

चन्द्र प्रभावटी टेबलेट:- 2 रोजाना सफ़ेद मक्खन के साथ.

Alkasol सिरप:- 2 चम्मच दवाई + चार चम्मच पानी.

नोट:- जब मेने डॉक्टर से “अनुपान” के &a