DR. THANKI’s TUM CAN CAPSULE (For tumor and Cancer , Other chronicle Disease)

Our company products are as per the norms of WHO and USA FDA.


No heavy metal narcotics or steroid is mixed in preparation in our any medicine.. 

This is a single herb preparation no adulteration no extract no any other material mix with this this is herbal and Ayurveda.

Usages: This medicine is use in all type of tumor and tumor cancer .

As per research it is found that it has capacity to kill unidentified virus,germs,bacteria.

It works on E-Coli Multiple Sclerosis, Abscesses,neuralgia pain,water retention,reduce bleeding from any part of body internally or externally.

In study and trial it works on HIV ,Ebola,Dengue,Swine flu,Bird flu and some unidentified viruses and diseases

especially on depression

As we suggest to provide any medicine stop vomiting like any tab of ondenstron 8mg as applied in chemotherapy.

we suggest Dr to take care heart ,liver,kidney while treating.

Dosages: For tumor cancer the dose is 1 gm to 10 kg weight.our capsule contain 500 mg and maximum dose is six gram means twelve capsule divided in 3 part as 4 cap 3 times a day.

For any other disease the dose will be half as 1 gm for 10 kg weight and maximum is 3 gm dose required

 HIV AIDS,Ebola,Bird flu,Swine flu,Dengue, skin psoriasis




Dear Reader,

As it is well known that the word cancer is crucial but in Ayurveda there is a proper treatment of it.

As if a lady found any tumor by herself in any part of breast or if any tumor found in usg abdomen  in ovary section or if any tumor found in ct scan in brain section or if any tumor found in gut line do not go for investigate more because our medicine is working on destroying any kind of tumor or any kind of cancer tumor.

As per Ayurveda every tumor is not cancer but every cancer is in a tumor form.

When we are going for biopsy or FNAC we will have to prick the tumor and there is a bright chance of spreading it.

So please just come as found tumor in every part of body to save and cure it earlier by the Ayurveda.

No doubt medical science is at the top of the peak right now in medical; science but they are top only in ailments not diseases.

If you consider and just give a chance for one month to prove ourselves. If you don’t satisfy with us your option for chemotherapy or other medical treatment is open.



Believe on the forefathers therapy and trust .

 We visited to so many doctors of different path and we were suggested by them to research on medicine for chronicle disease. As we got a data of Indian medical market and found there is a stake of Ayurveda is only 3% of entire market. The modern science has its existence only for the last 90 years only but where the Ayurveda has got a history of around 5000 years back. As we have already started this company and we decided to research and develop the medicine effective on chronicle patients. When we started to research for tumor cancer we found the benefit of a indigenous plant which can cure cancer patients now the trialed product is before you and we do assure to cure a cancer patient if comes to us just after diagnosed by medical doctors and do not play in the hands of doctors who are just getting trials on their patient.



( Annona Muricata)



A perfect solution of tumor cancer and some other crucial disease .



All Tumors are not cancer but all cancer are in tumor forms



We are living in modern age. A lot of therapies are available to fight with the disease. This is a science base world and for the last one century medical science  has covered his empire in the whole world.But we should not forget that the medicinal herbs and shrubs are the bless by god with the nature and the chemical used in allopath are manufactured by these herbs and shrubs by certain process. So it is proven that the chemical based medicine is manufactured by man and it is not a god gift.

The existence of human being on the earth is not only of 100 years as history says it is exist for the last so many decades. Those people were also suffering with the same type of disease and that they were also treated by the doctors available at that time but not by chemical based medicine as it exist only for last century.
In India the treatment given to patient by natural medicinal herbs, bhasmas, etc. is called as Ayurveda treatment.If we study thoroughly the Ayurveda we can find treatment of all kind of diseases which penetrates human being from time to time.

We can find all herbs and shrubs which can cure a patient by it or as a compound of certain medicinal herbs or shrubs.

In this 21st century human beings are suffering with a crucial disease called cancer. The medical science is researching for the treatment of cancer. There are still researching for the treatment of cancer and trying to produce any chemical based medicine to fight with cancer cells.

They are manufacturing a lot of medicines for killing cancer cells and trying on rats and monkeys and than they are providing for human being but till today no any chemical base medicine is proven as sure shot treatment of cancer.

It is found that the chemical based anticancer drugs are consisting of heavy toxins. Though they can kill cancer cells but due to toxicity the patient become die. Because these medicines are killing cancer cell as well as they is killing healthy cells also.
So it is said that when a person diagnosed as presence of cancer cells means he will die very soon but in Ayurveda it is found that the nature has gifted such medicinal plants which can fight with cancer without destroying healthy cells and up to cure the cancer patient. In this field along with our company some foreign companies are studying Ayurveda and trying to get treatment of this crucial disease. And as a result we found some trees which have got power to fight with cancer.

To find the different modern medicals science has different types of tests and they can find the stage of the disease. As in cancer patient if by test if found stage 3 or 4 than it is determined the patient is hopeless and no medicine will work on it. Where as in Ayurveda these type of tests are not done and not mentioning stage as the medicine will work on every stage of any kind of disease.

From the knowledge of Ayurveda it is found about a tree which has got capacity to fight with cancer cells. Whose description name and utility we have mentioned above.

A part of this tree has power to fight with cancer cells as 10000 time faster & effective than chemotherapy.

We found that every part of this tree has capacity to fight with cancer cells means fruit, leaf, root, stem, bark of this plant has a nature to fight with cancer cells without harming healthy cells.
Besides that certain chemicals are found in this tree which is capable to destroy and disperse any kind of tumor in any part of a human body.
So as per Ayurveda  it is observed that this tree can cure any kind of cancer, except blood cancer.
Besides cancer it has a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections. It is also effective against internal parasites and worms, lowers high blood pressure and depression, stress and nervous disorders.





Whenever a person is diagnosed with cancer it is assumed that he is suffering with a non-curable disease but as per our ancestral holy books it is curable and patient may be free from cancer.

by taking Ayurvedic treatment. In this age besides Ayurveda there are other path’s are available like Homeopath, Allopath etc. The cancer can be treated by these path’s also. Cancer is a disease which develops as self generated diseases in a human body and it is abide by all path’s that the self generated disease in a human body is only because of imbalance of harmones and enzymes. A cancer patient should not take any kind of food which can provide nutrition to cancer cells means along with any kind of medicine cancer feeder diet should be stopped.

We have read thru a lot of books and discussed with a lot of Doctors of all path’s on this issue and finally we are giving this diet chart for cancer patient.
The diet should be given to a cancer patient :
1. Dry Fruit : Palm, Apricot, Anjir, Munnakka, Kismiss, Walnut, Almond.
2. Fruits : Papaya, Banana, Coconut water, sweet lime, pomegranate, chikoo.
3. Vegetables : Spinach, Awala, Ginger, Fresh Lime, carrot, lady finger, cucumber, white pumpkin, ghosby, parwal.
4. Juice : The vegetables mentioned in no. 3 you can give fresh juice of any of the vegetable or a mixture of these vegetables.
5. Every day patient should be given a cup of cow milk mixed with half or three forth tsp. full of turmeric once in a day.
6. Patient should take 21 leaves of Shyam Tulsi as swallowing with water.

7. Fresh wheat grass juice approximately 50ml should be provided to patient twice a day. (if possible)
8. One tsp. of crushed flex oil seeds should be given to patient twice a day by the way of sprayed on salads or fruit bowl.
9. To make any preparation for sweetness utilize sugar free tablets or powders.
10. If available please give a cup of tea prepared by papaya leaves.
11. Gram, Moth & Mung should be sprouted and than give to the patient.
12. Mung flour should be used to make bread (if Pearl Millet(Bajri) is available can take of Pearl Millet flour for bread also in diet, if want to take wheat first wash wheat then dry in sunshine than grind only this wheat can use to prepare bread .
13. If you are going to give any rice preparation to the cancer patient provided only brown rice (unpolished rice) to the patient.
14. Cow Ghee can be provided to patient but in less quantity. (It should be observed surely that ghee should not mix with Buffalo ghee.
15. If you think to provide any preparation of oil please provide soya bean or sunflower oil only.
16. Should try that the patient should have a sound sleep.
17. The patient should walk gently in the garden or near by the trees or plants to take fresh oxygen. Patient should take deep breathe in that area. (Should not walk in these areas in night as trees and plants are releasing Carbon-Di-Oxide in night.)
18. Patient should not go out in warm sun light.
19. Patient should do the exercise of in taking long breath and release and light yoga to have mental peace.
20. For taste in food patient should be provided sea salt.
(Note : It is almost available every part of world).
21.Patient should be provided fresh & pure water. It should be considered that the water should not have toxins or heavy metals. If available provide packaged drinking water confirmed ISI mark of any brand.





1. Oil and deep friend preparation by it

2.  Maida, Rava, , etc.

3. Stale food.
4. Sugar and Products made by it.
5. Salt (Iodized)
6. Packaged food.
7. Milk and its allied products
(Note : Paneer, Curd, Mawa, Cheese etc

What suggested taking as food for cancer patient except that all food should be avoided.

005Each Box contain 100 capsule of 500mg