DR. THANKI’s RATI PRIYA OIL (For Joint Pain and Muscle Pain, Sexual Massage oil )

Our company products are as per the norms of WHO and USA FDA.

No heavy metal narcotics or steroid is mixed in preparation in our any medicine..


Ortho nil oil


Usages :- For Enlargement of Penis & Boobs. It is useful in latest Diagnosed Polio or any part when muscle requires. in Muscular Dystrophy its application found suitable results. In some  other type of accidental or by birth problem of muscle in  any part of body.



Massage is the part of Ayurveda as it comes under naturopathy in some parts of our body massage helps to decrease inflammation and it also give warm to whole body which permits our blood flow increase on suitable level.

Oil massage on Breast

In this century the life is luxurious and of show biz mentality the eastern countries ladies are also having  as western ladies. They also want have look as sexy by all features . As we know the boobs are the body part which supports the ladies to look smart and sexy. Our this product is helpful for them.


Oil Massage on Penis



As almost every body want to have well erectile penis and want enjoy sex for a long. As we know now the entire world is attached with each other by means of internet.As we know the size of penis is different from one race to other.As Indian the Aryans and dravids are having small penis as south korea and after seeing some sexual events of other race on internet they also want have long penis and also they want to have sexual pleasure as spending more time .our this products helps in their wish.



Oil Massage in joint pain



It is well known that every person gets relax in muscles after massage.if there is joint pain due to any disease or weekness than the massage with an oil on the affected part is giving relax to the patient or any person of both our oil is a pure herbal mixture product and gives penetrating effect on skin to give relaxation.










Key Ingredients

Myristica Fragrans

Abutilon Inbicum

Brasssica Junceq Czern

Celastrus Panniculatus

Anacyclus Pyrethrum DC




 For men: place some few drops of the oil on penis skin, spread gently and rub it from root to top slowly and gently for 5 minutes.(It works for making erection and also to increase the size of penis)                                                                                                                                                       

For women : The oil can be applied gently on female breast. apply a few drops on  breast and rub it clockwise gently. (It works in increasing shape and size of the breast).

As it is pure Chameli oil, it does not give stains on clothes. We made  We made this product especially for the people  mentioned  above, however, some doctors have found that there is no any anesthetic product as in other product available in the market for sexual patients, and patients having knee pain, joint pain etc. and observed that our  product works faster than any other oil.some doctors have found excellent results when they treated the patients suffering from arthritis, knee joint pain, pain in any part of body, and paralysis, with our oil along with arthritis capsules, and our DVT Protector.

Application for pain : Place a few drops of the oil on the area of pain, and rub gently, Do not rub harshly, as the oil has got the property to penetrate through the skin, and promote blood  vessels to run fast.

Dr. Thanki’s Arthritis capsule :

Take 2 capsules twice a day with fresh water.

For chronic patients :

2 capsules 3 times a day with fresh  water.

Dr. Thanki’s DVT Protector Add on Vitalizer :

Take 1tsp thrice a day with fresh water

For Accident or paralysis patients :

Place a few drops of the oil on affected area spread gently and rub it. (Don’t massage it)


Dr Thanki’s DVT protector Add On Vitalizer

Follow as per table given below –


Note: After 15 days continue same dose with water till it is  cured.


ये स्त्रीयों तथा पुरूषों में समान रूप से कार्य करता है।

पुरूषों के लिए :- लिंग की बाहरी चमड़ी पर कुछ बूंदे डालकर फ़ैलावे फ़िर से आगे की तरफ़ हल्के हाथों से सेंकेंड मिनट तक मालिश करे । ये लिंग मे कड़कपन तथा साईज को बढ़ाता है।

महिलाओं के लिये :- स्तन के ऊपर इस तेल की कुछ बूंदे  डाले तथा फ़ैला लेवों फ़िर हाथो से हल्के हल्के Clockwise दिशा में मालिश करे। (ये महीलाओ में स्तन के आकार को सुडौल बनाता है ।)।

चूँकि ये तेल चमेली का है अतः इसका कपड़ो पर दाग नही लगता है। हमने जब इस तेल का अनुसंधान किया तब हमारी कम्पनी के अनुसंधानकर्ताओ के दिमाग में मात्र उपर लिखे  उपयोग ही थे।  परन्तु कुछ चिकित्सको ने पाया कि इस तेल मे बाजार मे मिलने वाले  तेल की तरह कोई करने वाला पदार्थ नही मिला हुआ है । तो उन्होने इस तेल को लकवे के रोगी, गठिया – सधिवांत, जोडो के दर्द  आदि रोगो पर भी आजमाया तो परिणाम बहुत अच्छा देखने को मिला ।

कुछ चिकित्सक हमारे इस तेल के साथ ड़ाँ थानकी अर्थराइटीस कैप्सूल तथा ड़ाँ थानकी डीवीटी प्रोटेक्टर एण्ड आन व्याहटालाइजर का उपयोग कर सधिवांत-गठिया, लकवा तथा घुटनो के दर्द और जोड़ो के दर्द का सफ़लतापूर्वक ईलाज कर रहे है।

दर्द के रोगीयों के लिए :- दर्द वाले अंग के हिस्से पर इस तेल की कुछ बूंदे डाले तथा फ़ैला देवे और हल्के हाथ से ही मलें। ये तेल चमडी को छेदता हुआ नसों में जाकर वहाँ कि रुकावट को हटाता है जिससे रक्त संचार सुचारू रूप से होने लगता है।

ड़ाँ थानकी अर्थराइटीस कैप्सूल


साधारण रोगी :- 2 कैप्सूल दिन में 2 बार साफ़ पानी के साथ।


पुराने तथा असाध्य रोगी :- 2 कैप्सूल दिन में 3 बार साफ़ पानी के साथ ।


ड़ाँ थानकी डीवीटी प्रोटेक्टर एण्ड आन व्याहटालाइजर :- एक चम्मच दिन मे तीन बार साफ़ पानी के साथ।


एक्सीडेन्ट अथवा लकवा रोगीयों के लिए :-




 डाँ थानकी रतिप्रिया तैल :-  लकवाग्रस्त या एक्सीडेन्ट की वजह से सुन्न हुए अंग पर कुछ बूंदे डालकर  हल्के हाथ से मालिश करे और छोड देवे (ज्यादा तेल और जोर से मालिश ना करे) ।


ड़ाँ थानकी डीवीटी प्रोटेक्टर एण्ड आन व्याहटालाइजर :


पहले से तीसरे दिन    : पौन चम्मच  प्रति 2 घंटे के अन्तराल से पानी के साथ ।


चौथे से छठे दिन          :  पौन चम्मच  प्रति 3 घंटे के अन्तराल से पानी के साथ ।


सातवें से नवें दिन       :  पौन चम्मच  प्रति 4 घंटे के अन्तराल से पानी के साथ ।

10 वें से 12 वें दिन    : पौन चम्मच  प्रति 5 घंटे के अन्तराल से पानी के साथ ।


13 वें से 15 वें दिन    : पौन चम्मच  प्रति 5 घंटे के अन्तराल से पानी के साथ ।


15 वें दिन के बाद         : पौन चम्मच  प्रति 6 घंटे के अन्तराल से पानी के साथ जब तक रोगी को पूर्णतया आराम नहीं आए ।







From The Desk of Chairman:




Every day in the morning when we read newspaper we are bound to read advertisement of oil for stability in sex really this is just a psychology of human being to spend more and more time in intercourse whereas really it is not fact what the person want or just imagine.

As the world is short and there are lot of sites which exploits sexual material by seeing them the new generation are thinking that actually they spending the much time in intercourse which is quite impossible without taking steroids or they are just edited by film maker and it misguide to new generation.



In our research we found very few cases of early discharge and after diagnosed we found it is due to long sickness or mental depression or any kind of injury or loss of material products in life.



The erectile dysfunction is really observe in some patients due to lack of nutrition or diabetes or any kind of brain related disease. It is problem we can say to mankind and it is serious.



The oil which is available in the market is consist of some anesthetic compound with any oil which just give impression of senseless that organ for some time and the person thinks that the oil has given result of getting time in discharge but we know that the regular use of anesthesia may cause to permanent blockage or damage nerves and veins so it is not prescribed by any medical practitioners.



Our company researchers have research an oil which can solve the problem of erectile dysfunction by simply massaging it on penis without any sort of side effects as it consist of chameli oil with some natural herbs.


After trial on female we found good results on boobs to give them shape.


When we consulted with some medical practitioners.they ask us to trial on paralytic patients and in some pain in any part of body after any accident or injury.


After trial we found miracle result on penis, boobs and joint and muscle pain.



This is before you with our reliable and effective product. We will found stand on true to our words.

007Each Bottle contain 15ml