DR. THANKI’s MADHUMASTI POWDER (For Enlargement of Penis And Boobs)

Our company products are as per the norms of WHO and USA FDA .

No heavy metal narcotics or steroid is mixed in preparation in our any medicine.


USAGES: For enlargement of penis and boobs.As per research is found that in early diagnosed polio patient or any part where muscle requires to built.In muscular dystrophy its application found fantastic result. In some other type of accidental cases or by birth where there is less muscle in any part of body it helps.




Penis Enlargement


sometimes euphemistically called male enhancement, refers to an assortment of techniques intended to increase the girth, length,or erectile rigidity of the human penis.  




Breast Enlargement



Breast Enlargement is a medical prosthesis used to augment, reconstruct, or create the physical form of breasts. Breast enlarge are applied to correct the size, form, and feel of a woman’s breasts in post–mastectomy breast reconstruction; for correcting congenital defects and deformities of the chest wall; for aesthetic breast augmentation. 




Key ingredients 



 Piper Nigrum
Rock Salt
Piper Longum
Valeriana Wallichii
Solenum Indicum
Achyranthes Aspera
Sesarum Indicum
Saussuria Lappa
Hordeum Vulgare
Phascolus Mungo
Brassica Canpestrislinu
Withania Somnifera 







It helps to increase the size of penis in men and increase the size of breast in ladies.



Take ½ to ¾ teaspoonful of this powder in a ceramic bowl or in left hand palm of patient. Mix some honey to make a paste. Than apply gently on penis or breast and left it for 45 minutes. After 45 minutes wash it with plain water. After 5 to 10 minutes wash it with and body soap under room temperature water. Regular utilize this product at least twice a day to get fast and best result. 


From The Desk Of Chairman:


As it is well known that north Indian are arayans and south Indians are dravid as per race.It is found that the north Indian and south Korean are having smallest penis in the world.Though as per sexologists the size of penis does not have a important role in sex.

 This is modern age where people can get contact throughout the world.World is now on computer and due to unawareness the female likes large penis as western people so the male also inspire to have fulfil their desire.

 A lot of devices come in the market to enlarge penis but the result of those device is zero.So many companies are giving advertisement in paper and magazines in our country also but found no result and the person become feels cheated by those companies .

 We gone thru ayurvedic ancient books and got a formula to enlarge penis and than we trialed over around 100 patient s and we found good results of our medicine in enlarging penis.

Than we become asked by some beautician to have medicine to enlarge and shape on boobs in female.We given same product to them and suggested them to apply with honey as in penis we found fantastic result of that.

As we giving promise of our result oriented products so now this is in your hand to get satisfaction and reply to us.

 If any querries or suggestion you may contact on helpline number printed on the product.


008Each Packet Contain 100gm.  .