Our company products are as per the  



Norms of international WHO and USA FDA.




No heavy metal narcotics or steroid is mixed in preparation in our any medicine..

The main point we would like to say reader we don’t make any product considering patient taste and easy consumption we considers the effectiveness of medicine on disease. 





Usages :- It is highly useful in killing HIV virus or SKIN PSORIASIS . it also made put on weight in week persons. it increase immunity, memory, vigor and vitality.


Note :- In HIV patients it shows marvelous results as even CD4 count is less than 100% it increase 3-5 kg in first month.



Note: as we are seeing everybody young generation who going to gym are taking protein mass powder which is highly protein contain and it is difficult pass thru urine and giving extra load on kidney. A lot of these type of persons are suffering with renal failure. Secondly as these mass protein powder or weight gainer powder are not give permanent body shape as the person left gym the shape become uneven and looks ugly .Our this product is also a herbal combination which substitute of these type of protein powder second our product has capacity to maintain shape and cut even though the person left the gym.



















In every human body there is capacity to fight with disease that is called immunity also you can say self defense system inside body is called as immunity.








HIV can be transmitted from mother to child during pregnancy, during delivery, or through breast milk. This is the third most common way in which HIV is transmitted globally.






Sexual contact:

Generally it occurred when the male or female one of them is having HIV positive if get intercourse without condom may transmit HIV virus.


Key ingredients


Curcoma longa


Tribullus terristris


Gymnema Sylvestre



For normal patient: 1 teaspoon full twice a day with pure water.


For Acute patients: 1 teaspoon full thrice a day with pure water.



From The Desk Of Chairman


When a person diagnosed and declared as HIV positive and AIDS patient means received death warrant to have crucial death.Till to day no scientist has claimed to cure a HIV person. Every path claims to control and care the patient.

Even very few researcher got success to control or care the AIDS patient. As we know the word denotes the lack of immunity in the patient means the fighting capacity with disease caused by harmful germs, bacteria or viruses is very poor and even small symptoms like vomiting or loose motion, fever can’t be controlled.

In our society people want to hide this and does not tell to others if diagnosed because in our society it is assume that this disease is just only comes if a person go to another lady apart from his wife. Means they declare him a characterless person and as unawareness they don’t want to get in touch with that guy assuming it may spread to them also. But this is not fact as we researched and a lot of persons HIV AIDS found from different causes like blood transfusion etc.

I have visited with my researchers to some ART centers and AIDS rehabilitation centers and found very crucial and horrible condition of patients as no medicine is working on them even cough and cold could not control. So you can consider their conditions under which they are surviving. I have learn and read about heaven and hell and I was informed by some monk that there is a horrible punishment to soul in hell I think the person I saw there are similar as the soul punished in hell .On the earth their life is just a hell for them.

I was too confident on my guru dr Ramesh Kumar thanki and our research team and I requested to work on this issue. I requested them if they can’t claim or research to cure please try to research medicine to care the patient as we are caring a diabetic patient with immunity and long life.

As I consider that the crime done by these patients was not big but seeing them punished for a major crime.They have also right to be alive as common people and consider it as their fundamental right they should not be betrayed by our society because they can’t spread HIV virus just touching them and don’t consider as you or listened go on fact and behave with these persons as normal person.

It is true fact that the disease we have in this age is not a new but the modern doctors are saying it was first traced in south Africa and they claim it is a disease of this modern age but it is not true.

We have read so many books on ayurveda and found the existence of this disease in Mahabharata age also as the treatment of such disease is mentioned means there were such disease that time also.

I am not sure but I consider a event in Mahabharata where Pandu the father of pandav and husband of Kunti was suggested by that time Dr called as vaidyaji that he should not go for sex if he will do so he will die.

What is the myth or logic behind that I don’t know but considering in my mind as the condition and symptoms of HIV AIDS patient to Pandu.

When our research team started to work on this issue we prayed SAI BABA to show us right path.

As the big multinational companies who have big funds and learned researchers even they have not succeed so far how we can. But I was trust on my team and my guru and SAI BABA.

We first started to study on HIV virus as why it is not become kill by any medicine we found a miracle structure of this virus. We know every virus consist of two layers and a nucleus. The layers are consist of GLYCOPROTEIN and LYPOPROTEIN which covers to Nucleus .As almost every virus having outer layer of glycoprotein and it can penetrated easily where as HIV virus consist of LYPOPROTEIN layer as outer layer.

As modern scientists are saying that it was first seen in Africa it was just proven a lie or propaganda as we found a larva of mosquito by the name Helopeltis found in tea gardens specially in upper Assam has got similar nature as HIV virus having outer layer of GLYCOPROTEIN layer.

It means we should go forward and should not accept as truth or fuinal words quoted by the modern scientist.

I think they are quoting what they want it seems they say early without getting perfect data. Our researcher found some herbs which are capable of dissolving these two layers and to kill nucleus to stop further mitotic cell division by these viruses.

At first we trialed on larva of Helopeltis and found fantastic result as our product dissolved the two layers and destroyed the nucleus means destroying of larva. Then we confirmed that we are success in our research but now still it was to be get result in mankind who are suffering with HIV AIDS.

We met with some doctors and our doctors find some AIDS rehabilitation centers and provided medicine to them.We checked the weight of every patient before starting our medicine and found fantastic result on them as increment in weight from 3 kg to 5 kg found good face with good feeling by every patient..

As we know the HIV AIDS patient loses his immunity which causes disable to fight with disease. As immunity also help to maintain balance of enzymes and hormones and if these two imbalance person can’t put on weight but he will loose his weight gradually.

As while researching we have considered to kill HIV virus as well as we have tried to develop the immune system.We have given the name of our product as Dr Thanki’s Immune Booster .I am showing you some photograph of AIDS patient which shows crucial and horrible of this disease.

Please consider you can enjoy sex pleasure for few minutes but can be punished by AIDS to lead up to this stage.


We are not claiming to have HIV negative to any patient yet but sure to care and give them healthy and pleasure life as common man.

Here I would like to deliver incident in 2009 year I met with a doctor name Dr G S Sharma,mandiya road,Pali Rajasthan he explained his close relative is HIV AIDS patient and right now he is admitted to Rathi Hospital under treatment of Dr Ashok Rathi the condition was critical his mother is working as nurse in govt. hospital the patient was unconscious. I was explained by Dr G.S.Sharma he told me to treat his relative, I told them to wait and just get normalize and stable than the hospital people will discharge him than I can. After ten days I got a ring from dr G.S.Sharma that the patient released from hospital and now he is at home. I send him our medicine within a month they got improvement and now he is staying in Hyderabad having his textile touring job. Now he is healthy and you can’t justify seeing him that he is a AIDS patient.
We are not disclosing privacy of the patient of HIV AIDS.






Psoriasis is an immune-mediated disease that affects the skin. It is typically a lifelong condition. There is currently no cure in medical science, but various treatments can help to control the symptoms.


Psoriasis occurs when the immune system mistakes a normal skin cell for a pathogen, and sends out faulty signals that cause overproduction of new skin cells. It is not contagious Psoriasis has been linked to an increased risk of stroke and treating high blood lipid levels may lead to improvement.

As we studied the CD 4 and CD 3 count of these type patients are decreases .Some doctors and Ayurveda has trialed on some patients with our Dr. Thanki’s Immune Booster as prescribed dosages one tsp twice a day along with Dr. Thanki’s Liver Care Powder 1tsp twice a day with fresh water,4 capsule per day of Dr. Thanki’s Tum-Can Capsule with fresh water, 3 capsule per day of Dr. Thanki’s Can-Rose Capsule with fresh and pure water and found fantastic result within 72 hours.

As we are producing as immune booster it gives energy as well it will increase weight of any body of both sex so we are saying it as WEIGHT GAINER ALSO.

It is also trialed on some weak and thin patients who want to increase their weight and got positive result within 30 days.



Packing 100 gm