Dr Thanki’s Tum Can Capsule-Medicine for cancer & tumor

Best medicine for Tumor and Cancer of all types abcess in any part of human body,multiple sclerosis,brain tumor,brain cancer,Ebola,HIV aids,hepatitis b,hepatitis c,swine flu,e coli,Neuralgia, unidentified harmful virus,germs,bacteria,naru bala,retention of urine Etc.



               Ayurveda treatment for tumor cancer

                         Ingredients : Mamphal


We are living in modern age. Many therapies are available to fight with the crucial diseases. This is a science based world, and for the last one century medical science i.e. Allopath has covered the entire market of medical science in the whole world.
But we should not forget that the medicinal herbs and shrubs are created in the nature, blessed by God, and the chemical pharmaceuticals which are made in Allopath, are prepared from these herbs and shrubs by certain processes. Hence, it is proved that the chemical based medicines are manufactured by man, and they are not the God gift.
The existence of human being on the earth is not Only 100 years old, but as history says, it is existing since many centuries. The people in those days were also suffering from the same type of diseases as today, and they were also treated by the doctors available at that time, but the treatment was not based on chemical based medicines, as they were not available at that time.
In India the treatment given to a patient by using natural medicinal herbs, bhasmas, etc. is called as Ayurveda treatment.
If we study thoroughly the Ayurveda, we can find treatments for all kinds of diseases which occur in human beings from time to time.
The properties of all herbs and shrubs are given in Ayurveda, which can cure a patient. The combination of certain herbs for certain diseases are prescribed.
In this 21st century, human beings are suffering from a crucial disease called cancer. The medical science is researching hard to find out and produce any chemical based medicine to fight with the cancer cells.
Apart from cancer, the medical science has found certain unidentified viruses like Hepatitis B, HIV, etc. Scientific instruments are developed, which can find the place of tumor and its size, and also to detect the presence of such type of crucial viruses.

 From the ancestral books we find that a part of a particular tree has got capability to kill unidentified germs, bacteria viruses and other harmful matter created in the human body, like Abscess, Neuralgia etc.
During trials of Our medicine, we found that these types of indentifying viruses were destroyed very fast, and the Abscess in any part of the body, Acute Neuralgia, was brought under complete control
It has been observed that the chemical based anti-cancer drugs are toxic. Though they could kill cancer cells, the patient suffers much due to toxicity, resulting sometimes in death. Though, these chemical medicines are killing cancer cells, they are killing healthy cells also.
Besides that, certain chemicals are found in such tree which is capable to destroy and disintegrate any kind of tumor in any part of the human body.
So according to Ayurveda it is observed that such Tree can cure any kind of cancer, except blood cancer.
Besides cancer the tree has a broad spectrum antimicrobial agent for both bacterial and fungal infections It is also effective against internal parasites and worms lowers high blood pressure and depression stress and nervous disorders, Neuralgia, HIV and other crucial infections also.
During research has been observed that some part of the tree act as chemotherapy Without left any side effect behind Whereas chemotherapy leads to side effects of nausea, vomiting tendency, hair loss, weight loss, etc.
During research it has also observed that our medicine is very friendly to human beings, by Protecting immune system and repelling deadly infections. Patient to feels stronger and healthier throughout the course of treatment as well as it boosts energy and improves outlook on life.
It is also confirmed from the ancestral books that besides cancer, this medicine can be used for treating heart, asthma, and liver problems also.
After studying Ayurvedic base books and related to this research, our company is launching Dr. Thanki’s Tumcan Capsule for the treatment of cancer and other chronicle diseases like HIV, Neuralgia etc.
I gm for every 10 kg. Weight of the patient in a day. If the patient weight is 50kg requires 5 gram per day. It should be divided in three parts. Our capsule contains 500mg means 4 capsules -3 capsuples3capsu1es should be given to patient at a time and that should be three times a day.
The word Tum Can denotes Tumor and Cancer. It works in all types of tumor and cancer, in any part of the human body. It has got a very tough capacity to penetrate any kind of tumor. The researchers have found that it works in breast cancer that is breast Adenocarcinoma, even after chemotherapy also. After chemotherapy, the body becomes multi-drug resistant. But in breast adenocarcinoma it works even when the body becomes multi drug resistance.
It works as chemotherapy but it does not leave any side effect on human body. As the research shows that after taking this medicine the patient has a tendency of vomiting or nausea as it is emetic in nature. After long discussions some doctors suggested to give below mentioned drug before 5 minutes of taking this medicine

Tab. Ondencentron -8 mg One Tablet.

Doctors and scientists have found that when any drug is given for Cancer treatment, it is always necessary to save liver, heart and kidneys of the patient from its side effects during the treatment period. From the Very beginning of the treatment, for the liver protection and to enhance the effect of the medicine fast, the medicine mentioned below must be given along with this medicine
Dr. Thankis Liver Care Powder: 1 teaspoon x 3 times a day with fresh water.
Generally patients have made up their minds beliefs about Ayurveda that there are many restrictions of food but in fact only Ayurveda want to stop those products which are liable to increase the disease.
We have made a diet chart for Cancer patients. The medicine kills the cancer cells, where as the diet chart does not allow them to increase further. That means follow-up of the diet chart is also a part of the treatment.

Whenever a person is diagnosed with cancer it is assumed that he is suffering with a non-curable disease but as per Our ancestral holy books it is curable and patient may be free from cancer by taking Ayurveda treatment In this age besides Ayurveda there are other paths are available like Homeopath, Allopath etc. The cancer can be treated by these paths also.
Cancer is a disease which develops as self generated diseases in a human body and it is abide by all path’s that the self generated disease in a human body is only because of imbalance of hormones and enzymes. A cancer patient should not take any kind of food which can provide nutrition to cancer cells means along with any kind of medicine cancer feeder diet should be stopped.
After long study and discussions with doctors of all paths on this issue, finally we have prepared the diet chart for the cancer patients.
The diet chart for cancer patients:

  1. Dry Fruits: Palm, apricot, anjir, munakka, kismiss, walnut, and almond.
    2. Fruits: Papaya, banana, watermelon, coconut water, sweet lime, pomegranate, and chikoo.
    3. Vegetables: Spinach, avala, ginger, fresh lime, carrot, lady’s finger, cucumber, white pumpkin, ghosby, and padwal.
    4. Juices: Fresh juice made from any one or from a mixture of vegetables mentioned in no.3.
    5. A cup of warm cow milk mixed with half or three forth tsp of turmeric powder once daily.
    6. The patient should take 21 leaves of Shyam Tulsi (Basil) chewing and swallowing with water, daily.
    7. Fresh wheat grass juice about 50 ml twice a day (if possible).
    8. One tsp. of crushed flex seeds by spreading on salads or fruit bowl twice a day.
    9. To make any preparation for sweetness use sugar free tablets or powders.
    10. A cup of tea prepared from papaya leaves.
    11. Sprouted gram, moth, and mung.
    12. Bread made from flour of Mung or Bajri (Pearl Millet). For making wheat bread wash wheat with water, dry in Sunshine and grind to make flour for making bread.
    13. Rice made from only brown rice (unpolished rice).
    14. Cow Ghee in small quant (Make sure that it is not mixed with Buffalo ghee.)
    15. Only Soya bean oil or Sun flower oil is to be used in all food preparations
    16. Must watch TV comedy Shows; also help the patient to have a Sound Sleep.
    17. Walk Slowly in garden, nearby trees or plants, to take fresh oxygen, and take deep breathe in that area (Should not walk in these areas during night, as trees and Plants are releasing Carbon dioxide in the night).
    18. Do not go out in extreme Sun light.
    19. Long breathing exercises, light Yoga and Pranayam must be done to have mental peace and strength.
    20. Rock & Black salt must be used in all food preparations. The rock salt is available everywhere.
    21. Water must be pure and must not contain any kind of toxins or heavy metals. Purified and sealed bottles of drinking water are available everywhere
    1. Oil and deep fried preparation
    2. Maida Rava, etc.
    3. Stale food.
    4. Sugar and products made from it•.
    5. Salt (Iodized)
    6. Packaged food, and Fast food
    7. Milk and its products like Paneer Curd Mawa Cheese etc.
    Special Note: Any other regional Pesticide free Vegetables fruits, and food grains grown in villages by Using Organic farming methods, can be given to patients


From the desk of Chairman

So many relatives known died due to cancer. It was penetrating me always whether this is a new diseases or old whether faced by us or our forefathers were also suffering with it. I started to study so many books on Ayurveda in one book in one reference i found one thing cancer is a Rashi in hindu astrology it was 10 thousand year old word in Hindi it is called Kark Rashi i grabbed that and started searching why it was called as cancer in Ayurveda sar sangrah i found that mamphal has a property of anti cancer activity I was surprised when i found the lot of researcher worked on it but did not get any solution or patients even in this age so many researchers work on it in 1908 and 1917. I read in books the gold is catalyst to it as it was mentioned pure gold is perfect catalyst to it so we decided to manufacture it with gold.

There is a unique technique to cover this medicine with gold we got it from some holy books and found a final 100% effective product to kill cancer cell.

It works in every part of human body effected by  cancer. Than as research going on and so many diffrent chrocicle patients came to me for treatment like abcess in uterus ,abcess in brain,brain tumor,brain cancer tumor,multiple sclerosis.retention of urination, nau bala etc.

WE can say a miracle on the earth in physical form.



Each Box contain 100 capsule of 500mg 

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